Mattress Shopping

Break Up With Your Old Mattress

     Does it seem to you that mattress prices have skyrocketed in the last ten years?  If you said yes, then you would be correct.  As technology advances, we as consumers pay for that technology.  This advancement is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a different thing.  You used to be able to walk into a furniture store, drop $300, and get a mattress (with the silky cover) that lasted 15 years. Nowadays, $300 dollars gets you an entry level mattress(at best) that may last you 1-2 years depending on several factors including grade of materials, your size, weight, shape, and yes even the manufacturer themselves.

    So how can we as consumers navigate through the sea of confusion that we have in bedding?  How can we survive the apocalyptic surge of new technology coming out, literally, every week?   Well stick with me my dear chum, and I will help you navigate through these murky waters we call mattress shopping.

It Begins

(best read in a deep, haunting tone.)

     Picture it!  You lie down in the bed with your significant other (or if you are a batchelor/batchelorette taking over the world proudly representing the single life) after a long day at the office, or construction site (whichever.) You roll over to your favorite sleeping position. You pull the covers up  where you like them (you could do the cold bed dance if you have nice clean crisp sheets) and settle in for the best nights sleep.  After a few brief moments of relaxation, your eyelids fling open and there it is, the dreaded spring-through-the-mattress scenario.  Or you could go the other way and begin to punch your pillow, sling your covers everywhere, and you can’t quite figure out why you’re not comfortable.  How many of us have had night’s like this one?  I had one just last night, so I know what you are going through.

     You now realize it’s time to break up with your old mattress, but where to start?  You could come to Sleep Outfitters in Cullman and let me help you narrow it down very quickly (including finding the perfect bed for you.) But chances are, you are going to start on the internet.  You will probably do a ton of research about all the trillions of beds out there and which one is best for you. Should you purchase online?  Should you spend six months shopping around at different retail locations? I warn you not to do this by the way, because it only adds to the confusion, and your family will hate you.  Right about now, your body is aching in a particular spot because you forgot you were sitting weird and scrolling through thousands of pages of consumer education on your phone.  Don’t forget to breath my friend.  You realize it’s only been 30 minutes, but it feels like it’s been 30 days.  Are you hungry yet? I’m hungry just typing this!

   I am going to give you some mattress buying tips that will help narrow down your search, and lead you to the places that have the best customer service!  And away we go…

1. If you are not greeted immediately with a handshake or a smile-LEAVE!

That’s right folks, If you have chosen to go retail route then you need to follow this advice!  If you walk into a store, and that salesperson doesn’t greet you immediately, then that sales person doesn’t care anything about you as a customer.  He/She doesn’t care about helping you find the perfect night’s sleep.  They only care about finding you the highest price sleep!  In our business, customer service is huge.  If the customer doesn’t feel like they are in a safe space, and doesn’t feel like you are interested in meeting any of their needs, then 9 times out of 10 their not purchasing from you!  I can say with 100% accuracy that we have the best customer service around!  We are not only with you when you walk in, we are with you for the next ten years until you come back and purchase again!

2. Do NOT waste time shopping around.

I know this seems like the economical thing to do, but it really is a time waster on your end, and it adds to the confusion of mattress buying.  You think by shopping around you will be getting the best deals, but this brings me back to great customer service.  If you have a great salesperson, then you are going to get the best deal.  I can promise that, because that salesperson wants to take care of you and earn your business. He/she know their competition very well (or they should.) I have people come into my store everyday asking for the cheapest thing.  I take them straight back to the cheapest thing, and almost immediately they tell me “Ok, well we are going to shop around.”  My dear friends, please listen, if you want the cheapest thing you’re going to get it.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting the cheapest thing, and if that is all you can afford so be it!  But people expect to get an amazing mattress and all they want to pay is $50.  Unfortunately, the mattress industry doesn’t work that way anymore.  If you are living life on a small budget, any store is going to be able to accommodate you. We, for instance, have mattresses starting at $179.  That is pretty cheap for a mattress, and they don’t get any cheaper in the area. Bottom line, you should purchase the mattress from the place that treats you the best! This brings me to my next point.

 3. You are not going to get the whole farm.

     This is an old saying that references one person taking another person for all their worth.  This is not to be confused with “He bought the farm” which means someone has died. Listen, we all love a great deal, but your salesperson isn’t going give you the best mattress on adjustable bases with all the bells and whistles for $300.  Because then that salesperson can’t eat dinner and provide for his/her family (in fact, they probably won’t have a job left after that type of transaction.)  Not everyone does this, but there are people out there that expect their salesperson to pony up all kinds of free gifts and discounts just because they are buying from them.  This,my dear chums, is a bad business practice and a bad consumer practice. I don’t give into this kind of trade with people.  I have no problem helping you find a great mattress within your budget, but I am not giving you the farm.  My wife would kill me!

4. Don’t be afraid to finance.

Financing can be a sore subject for people, but it is a necessary subject that we must cover.  The biggest hurdle people have to get over nowadays (when purchasing a mattress) is sticker shock. For instance, Tempur-Pedic.  Tempur-Pedic is a great brand.  It is the #1 most highly recommended bed in America.  It is 100% supportive and adaptive to fit your size, weight, shape, and temperature.  I know plenty of Tempur-Pedic owners who would never trade in their bed.  On the flip side, they can be pricy.  That is not bad thing considering that what you put into a mattress is what you get out of it.  The reality is your sleep is important, and that is how mattresses are made today.  Sleep is one of the three major building blocks of your day-to-day activities.  We all have to do three things in life continuously which are work, drive, and sleep.  Those are the three most important aspects of our everyday lives.  We spend time and effort at work bringing home money so we can live.  We spend 1/3 of our lives driving, so we need a reliable car to get us to work and vacations etc.  And last but not least we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping!  People forget that sleep is one the most important things we can do.  You can go 40 days without food, but you can only go 3 days without sleeping. Lack of sleep leads to vehicular accidents, depression, hallucinations, and other serious medical conditions, including inflammation.  So the next time you are in a store, and someone shows you a mattress for $5000 understand that $5000 mattress has Grade-A materials and technology in it that contributes to a wonderful night’s sleep.  On top of what we just covered, financing can be a powerful tool for a powerful night’s sleep!  Here at Sleep Outfitters Cullman, you can finance a new bed for 0% interest for up to 5 years.  There are plans to fit everyone’s budget.

5.  Open up to your Sales Associate!

Last but not least, when you go shopping for a new mattress be open with your sales associate.  There is nothing worse than looking a customer right in the face with the expression of death written all over them.  let me clear up a misconception for you; WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY!  When you come to my store, we immediately fit you for a perfect night’s sleep with our sleep assessment.  This is the perfect tool for us because we can get a history of your sleep patterns and issues , then match you to the correct bed for a perfect night’s sleep.   But still, we want to address all your concerns so open up to us. I know it’s scary shopping for a mattress because you believe that all salespeople are out to make that bottom dollar, which to a degree that is true because most salespeople are paid on commision.  Unfortunately, for some salespeople, all they care about is bottom dollar, and they have really hurt our industry by providing that horrible crap they call customer service.  For us at Sleep Outfitters in Cullman, you are going to be treated well and you are going to be well taken care of.  I invite you over to our store, let us fit you for the right mattress, and if we need to do financing we will hold your hand the entire time. Not literally, because then we couldn’t process the sale and we would be just holding hands in the middle of a mattress store just looking at each other, and that is very awkward!


My readers, I hope this helps you in your mattress buying adventure.  You could of course come to my store and get greeted immediately, without having to shop around, get a great deal (but not the farm, need I remind you of my wife?), we will see about financing, and we can talk about anything ( no really, I have heard a lot of crazy things selling beds so nothing shocks me!) I hope to see you soon, and you can find our business hours and phone on our facebook page.  Until next time…






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