Adjustable Bases: Nothing Like Old Hospital Beds!

Hello my dear reader chums!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Today I want to talk to you about adjustable bases.  When I say Adjustable base do you think of old hospital beds? High priced items? Or something you will probably purchase when you’re over 65?  Well, not to fret my friends because in today’s blog we will go over how far adjustable bases have come, the health benefits to an adjustable, the lifestyle benefits, and price.  So hop on a comfy mattress, buckle up for safety, and keep all hands and feet to your side while we adjust our thinking towards adjustable bases.

     ENTER: Interior Small Dark bedroom

 A twin size bed is slightly illuminated by a small candle in the corner. Rain beats against the window as thunder fills the sky and lightning crackles along the horizon.  The camera slowly zooms into the dark corner.  Another strike of lightning reveals a  mattress on a rusty iron frame.  We hear a low hum of a motor.  The twin size bed is adjusting head only. As it adjust, we see a feeble old man come into view.  His face is horrified, gasps and screams from the audience fill the tiny room.  Now the candle’s light his filled the whole room only to reveal two people adjusting the base by hand, and one of them is…making motor sounds? Really?

Okay, okay!  Enough of this spectacle.  I have just given some very valuable insight into adjustable bases at the turn of the century.  That’s right folks, they were adjusted by hand (not all of them of course, but the affordable ones.)  Imagine every time you wanted to watch T.V. or adjust into your favorite position, you have to get up and move it yourself.  I’m already tired of typing about it!

I want to take a moment and discuss the health benefits of an adjustable base.  Now-a-days being able to adjust your head and feet in bed is a very valuable thing.  Raising the head can prevent certain ailments such as acid reflux, snoring, and breathing restrictions.  Whenever someone comes in my store looking for an adjustable , the first thing I do is a breathing test.  I have the customer lie down, and take a deep breath.  I will then adjust them, and ask them to breath again.  If there is a difference, then an adjustable base would benefit the customer.  After the breathing test, I adjust their feet and put the customer into Zero Gravity.  That position is where the feet are slightly raised above the heart.  This position opens up the small of the back, allowing greater blood flow into the lower extremities.  This is beneficial to the customer, as it helps with restless legs, lower back pain, and as mentioned previously better blood flow.  I then flatten out the entire base, and if there is any pressure that returns to the body it is in the customer’s best interest to look at purchasing an adjustable base.

The adjustable base has many health benefits.  They also have luxury benefits (also known as Lifestyle benefits) as well.  Let’s say you want to sit in bed, and get some work done on your laptop.  No problem!  All you have to do is raise head up, and viola!  You are relaxing and getting work done at the same time.  The same goes for watching T.V., sewing embroidery on a cloth, or knitting a quilt.  Whatever it is that you do, you can do with cool adjustable base.

Now, what about the price of these motorized beds?  In today’s markets, there are a lot of manufacturers that create great looking bases at an affordable price points.  For instance, at my store we have a Sealy adjustable base that raises the head and feet with a wireless remote starting at $800.00.  Some people are so wrapped up in price that they vow never to buy something that expensive.  All I can say is their loss. For those of us that are interested, this is a very comparable price point.

We offer other adjustables as well.  If you want underbed lighting, usb/ac adapter availabilities, message, and fancy wooden legs.  You will have to prepare to spend around $2499.00 for a queen.  If you can do without some of that stuff, then expect to pay less.  You can find a great adjustable in a good price range that fits your specific needs.

Whatever the case may be for you, if you want to talk adjustable bases you are more than welcome to come in.  Don’t be afraid to splurge on your sleep system.  You are going to have it for a while, and you need all the good rest you can get.  Don’t deprive yourself of great sleep because “momma and daddy never spent over $500 for their mattress.”  We live in a time where it’s perfectly acceptable to be more health conscious, and part of that consciousness is finding the PERFECT sleep set!

Until next time,







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